Law and Justice (and something random)

It’s been a while.
I’ve come across this line so many times and never really thought more about it, because it seems so natural for those two words to be associated and by some measure; the same.
Are those two really the same?
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A Sunday Horse (well, Pony)

A Sunday Horse (well, Pony)

I am Speechless.

Pony just has the most amazing mind 😍

Except, I think it shuts down when there is a carrot present 😂😅

When she begs for treats she has quite an unusual way to do it. She just nods her head until the very moment when the carrot gets too close to her mouth 😂👍🏻🦄❤
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Short Story


This man had a dog. Every day the man took his dog to the edge of the lake to get water, and the dog would bark furiously at the lake, as if he was mad at it. Finally, the man got very annoyed with his dog for barking so much, and he scolded it. “Bad dog! Stop barking at the water. It’s only water”. To his surprise, the dog looked right at him and began to talk. The dog said, “One day soon, the storm will come. The water will rise, and everyone will drown. You can save yourself and your family by building a raft, but first you will need to sacrifice me. You must throw me into the water”.

The man said: “That’s terrible! I would never drown my dog!” He thought the dog was lying, once he got over the shock that his dog could talk.

When he protested, the dog said, “If you don’t believe me, look at the scruff of my neck. I’m already dead.”

The man grabbed the dog by the scruff of its neck and saw that its skin and fur were already coming apart. Underneath was nothing but bones. The dog was a skeleton dog. So, with tears in his eyes the man said goodbye to his annoying skeleton dog and tossed it into the water, where it promptly sank. The man built a raft, and when the flood came, he and his family survived.

Without the dog. When the rain subsided, and the raft landed, the man and his family were the only ones alive. The man heard sounds from the other side of the hill – like thousands of people laughing and dancing – but when he raced to the top, alas, down below he saw nothing except bones littering the ground – thousands of skeletons of all the people who had died in the flood. He realized the ghosts of the dead had been dancing. That was the sound he heard.

Sacrificing yourself to save your family seemed like a noble thing – very dog-like thing to do.



There are many stories about the origins of this realm and the apocalypse that is to come. I wont tell them all. I will tell you one, however. The one I hoped never to witness.

In the beginning, there was only a void – The Vacuus Crater.

On either side, it was constrained by fire and ice. Where these two met, they combined and forged the first ocean. The two forces contact, that forged the dark parts of the ocean, forged a light spark too.

The spark was conflicted due to its double-edged nature. The conflict was so powerful that the spark created life. With the two opposing forces that formed and filled us, we left the ocean in pairs. We spread across the hostile lands of the new realm that had come to life.

Because of the opposing forces, the world was razed and unstable. It needed someone to help it keep the balance between the freezing darkness of ice and the burning light of fire. It needed guides to help support the fine line between balance and chaos.

Therefor we split our paths, dividing the work between us all, each with our own duty, to take care of different aspects of the world. Two guardians arose from each species – a light and a dark spirit. Not alone did we keep the balance in our own kinds but in the whole world. We did that by fulfilling our tasks, given in the beginning of time.

We took part in the circle of life, while leading eternal existences; we were born and dying thousands of times.

Together we built the new world, making it quite similar to the one we know today. Even though the distribution made it easier to guard the world

It also tore at the bonds between the spirit brothers and made it more fragile.

The delicate harmony is lost if the cycle is broken and the spirit cannot be reborn. Its kind will go extinct, which will bring about the slow death of its brother species.

Eons passed and with every century, more and more of the world came crumbling down. Our realm slowly broke and disintegrated.

Our realm became incomplete.

The apocalypse is coming.

Power of Ravuus – Prologue

The year is 3162.

It’s been years since World War III ended. The world survived. However, it didn’t turn out how you might think.

You see, after it was rebuilt a strange and unseen power was released into this world and is like dust floating all around us.

At first things was chaotic but after nothing happened people settled down in the hopes that it wouldn’t change anything. It would still be studied by scientists all over the world and for years nothing new was found about it. One scientist, however, activated the power by change after numerous mice experiments.

Rumor has it that this head scientist, Vincent A. Ravuus, conducted many experiments with mice that lead to triggering the power. He created a potential aspect in the mice with specific individual powers in order to develop the power. According to history, Vincent took distance from the war and believed that his research could bring happiness to the world. He opposed war even though he had a friendly assessment and attitude towards the head of the military OPS, Trés Rivera.

Trés suggested using the power on people to create armies with that same power as the mice, but Vincent believed that if it can bring happiness, then that’s what it should be used for. Only those two are rumored to know what kinds of power can be activated. Only those who are lucky, or unlucky, enough to activate it would know.

Vincent’s sister, Hannah, was a researcher at the same department and helped Vincent on many occasions including this one. Vincent and Hannah discussed Trés’ suggestion about creating armies and the related concerns. A few weeks before the war ended their base of operation was bombed. It left only ruins and Vincent as the only survivor. As he went about the ruins and tried to salvage what could, he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t dead from the impact.

A theory suggests that the bombing affected Vincent and activated this dust-like power in him and saved his life. There is no way of knowing for sure, though.

After the dead of his sister Vincent abandoned the research, the country and civilization. He and Trés met one final time to inform him that he had moved what was left of the research to a secure location and that the war was over, for him anyway, and withdrew from the world.

As of that moment, he disappeared without a trace.

Whether Vincent or that power which is now known as the power of Ravuus still exists are unknown, at least to those without the power.

Story Updates :)

So I’ve finally decided to update some of those stories that can be accessed at this site and for that reason I have to make clear that all rights are reserved. No copy, print or duplicates must be made without written permission  from me.

It must further be made clear that all these stories are raw and haven’t been checked for spelling- or grammar errors because of the very limited time to write them. The updates are done very irregularly due to my study at law school and because of the amount of time it takes to write even a single chapter.

I do hope you will enjoy it and by all means do give feedbacks on improvements, longer/shorter chapters, storylines etc. 🙂

Enjoy! ❤

BTW: The updates will be made as blogposts and links can be found under the story overview and hopefully before Christmas the first few updates can be made 🙂


Happy 1st December!

Happy 1st December!

The Christmas month has finally come and not one second too late!
Now it’s officially Christmas, which means we have to dig up those old embarrassing sweaters, cozy socks and hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows!

I’ve must admit, I’ve been into this whole Christmas thing since mid November and people think I’m crazy …
Well, I don’t think so and there is nothing better than the Christmas warm and fuzzy Christmas spirit!

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