Shopping Spree!

Today I went shopping with my law school buddy.

We went to Roskilde City and Ro’s Torv, which is like a mall with boutiques, food and much much more.

My friend and I met at 11.30 at Roskilde station and started off our little trip at Ro’s Torv. The first thing she said to me was, “I went shopping yesterday too, so I can’t buy that much today. I don’t really want to spend more money” Well, that plan went straight out with the bathwater. She bought so much that I had to carry some of her things too.

We spent many hours just going around looking at all the stores and trying clothes and just talking.

We didn’t really plan to go to the city but ended up doing it anyway since there are so many stores there, different ones than in the mall.
So, before we took off for the city, we went for some food. We had a lot of options like Sunset, Joe and the Juice, Burger King and so on. We chose a cafe which had burgers and fries. It was so damn good! ❤

Afterwards we went to the city, many hours had passed by and I didn’t find anything at the mall, while my friend found something almost anywhere.
However, I did find something in the store “Only” which is a clothing store. I found these beautiful, black pants with two zippers for pockets. I had quite a hard time finding the right size. I’m not very tall and I use a small size clothes and so it’s not easy to find small size pants with short legs. These, however, are just amazing!
I found this cute t-shirt with this fine crisscrossed back too. Front is just a plain shirt but it was just so nice when I tried it on.
Unfortunately, I have a habit of not looking at the price until I had to pay.
I was in for quite the shock. I paid so much for those pants. I normally get two pair for one not too expensive price and i think it’s insane to pay that much for just one pair. That is the last time I’ll do that for a very long while.

After that we just window shopped and shortly after called it at day.

Surprises! 😀 ❤
Tomorrow you guys are in for a surprise! Not the one I’ve been writing about for the last two-three months but another one, and it’s got something to do with animals lots and lots of animals who are all very different and can be dangerous 😀

The other surprise will be revealed very soon since it’s actually already official. The changes won’t be until the start of next month where there will come another (maybe) big update on what is going on and how the progress is going. I can’t wait for the changes to kick in! 😀

I’m not sure if you guys remember but I am occasionally creative and I finished a painting, finally. This is the first painting I’ve done like this. To start with either a black or a white canvas sure means a lot. This is my second attempt since I just can’t seem to get the colors right. The first try totally ruined my day and I thought to myself, no way are you gonna end the day with a failure, so I tried again. I didn’t go that well, but I don’t think it’s that bad either. It definitely won’t be the last painting I’ll do but somehow I don’t have a lot of insperation at the moment so I’ll just have to wait and see what pops up :)
My preference isn’t paint or acrylic as you guys can see. I use my bamboo table a lot but at the moment it’s out of commission due to lack of new tips for my pressure pen. I have no idea where to get them or how much they’re gonna cost. I canøt just ignore it because the tip will scratch my table and I would very much like to avoid the point where I have to go out and get a new god damn table. I just can’t afford it with everything I’ve got going on right now :)
2016-07-11 21.37.02-1

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