Happy 1st December!

Happy 1st December!

The Christmas month has finally come and not one second too late!
Now it’s officially Christmas, which means we have to dig up those old embarrassing sweaters, cozy socks and hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows!

I’ve must admit, I’ve been into this whole Christmas thing since mid November and people think I’m crazy …
Well, I don’t think so and there is nothing better than the Christmas warm and fuzzy Christmas spirit!

When I was young and the Christmas month started my family and I always planned that at exactly 8 o’clock we would all sit down in our living room and watch the series made for only Christmas. There are 24 (since I’m from Denmark) episodes (I believe it’s called Advent Calendar, I’m not sure however).
We would get ready with candy, ice cream, popcorn, or chips. Anything delicious we had in the house.

It was truly the highlight of my days during those dark evenings and harsh and cold weather. Even though not everything is as we wanted it to be, we still dropped everything we had so we could all sit together every night and watch the Christmas show.
It was truly the best! ❤

Now, I’m 21 years old and I still enjoy Christmas even though I’ve got my law school exams, there’s too many children’s TV-channels that send their own Advent Calendar and it’s impossible to choose just one to watch and their sending time is from 5pm all the way till 8pm. I finally decided which one I wanted to follow this year and with my luck I should’ve guessed that, that would not even be possible. I wanted to watch the show they send at 5pm but I’m not done with my studies at that time and it takes me around 30 minutes to get home, and then the episode of the day would’ve already ended…

I know you can watch everything on the internet now and so on, however, it still wouldn’t be the same. I fear I will never get that feeling back like when I was a kid. I hope everyday through Christmas, though.

Of cause it helps to have hot cocoa and popcorn and just being happy. It takes less effort to be happy than it does to be unhappy 😉 – Always remember that ❤

Christmas isn’t just for the candy, the tree, the lights, presents, and for stores to sell too pricey useless Christmas stuff. It is the perfect time of year to reflect and to show your appreciation for the ones you love. Christmas is a time of giving back to all those you are grateful to have in your life.

This Christmas I’m going to celebrate with my family at my aunt ‘s and uncle’s house and I could not be more grateful that they actually wanted to host our annual Christmas party like they’ve done every single year ever since I can remember!

Their house is actually for sale and my uncle’s children aren’t even going to be there because they are going to celebrate at their own house this year, my aunt’s oldest child is celebrating with her husband and her two kids at her husbands parents’ house. I think my aunts’ youngest are going to be there, which is kind of a relief for me. I don’t ever want the things I’ve known all my life to change too much. And of cause let’s not forget about my amazing aunt who unfortunately has to work at Christmas Eve …
Even with all of this going on, my uncle still offered to host the family Christmas party on the condition that we’re staying until the next day so that when my aunt comes home in the middle of the night, there will still be some guests left and we get to have a midnight-snack (which I guess is leftovers from the Christmas dinner 😀 )

I could not be happier with that arrangement!

Even though I came up with all those reasons for me to love, appreciate and anticipate such a nice, warm, and happy Christmas (which also apply to the holiday) I don’t get to have very much in my mind other than law school since I have an exam December 23rd, January 3rd, and January 12th …
That means I have to prep all the way through what should’ve been an amazing Christmas, enjoying the company of my amazing and supporting family.

But let’s not forget to take some time this holiday season to be appreciative of those who work when they should be with family and friends, those who are away from those they love, and those who sacrifice for our needs, even though you’re busy as hell and as hellbent as anyone to finish your semester with passed test.

Now that we’re in the Christmas spirit I would like to take some time to apologize about the passivity on this blog-thingy, and reassure that I am working as much as I can on getting my stories done. Every single minute of my free time I am trying to write as much as I can.
I don’t always succeed though since i have law school that takes up a lot of my time free and all. Even when I don’t have to worry about law school it still takes up much time, because when I’m finally done with everything I need to do, I’m just too exhausted to do anything at all. – Like think and stuff …

But as Aristotle said, “We cannot learn without pain”

I’m terribly sorry. This was supposed to be a nice happy first day of Christmas post and then I go and turn it into this sad, depressing thing.
Well, I guess I’m no exception to the phrase of Voltaire, “Every human makes himself the center of all the events in the world”

Oh yeah, one last thing (for now) I’ve been thinking about renaming the page. I’ve dabbled (Yes, I dabble) with the name Altaire or something like that (maybe , which I guess is a combination between the french philosopher Voltaire (who is mentioned above) and one of my favorite horse names – Hence the Altaire. I have no idea what it means but i like how it sounds and how it’s written 🙂 ❤


May this Christmas find you surrounded by those you Love, filled with a lot of fun and cheer, and the New Year bring happiness, health, and prosperity!

Love ❤


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