“Hug A Tree”

image“Hug A Tree”
DevinatArt: ACasualStateOfMind
Respect the copyright! ❤️

The speeddrawing video can be seen here: Hug A Tree – Speeddrawing

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A follow-up 

I kind of forgot to share this with you guys the other day since I wasn’t really planing on sharing it in the first place but changed my mind so here it’s 😄

There will soon be another post. I believe it will come sometime next week after after my final exam ☺️❤️

A Little Treat

I drew this little creature from the 2D animation “The Butterfly Dragon” made by Wacom Award Winner Sushan Yue. This story is probably the sweetest story without even doing that much. It’s amazing and this, whatever it is, is just super cute! :D2016-06-10 23.35.49
Be sure to check it out when and if you’ve got the time. It can be found at youtube or click the link right here :b –> The Butterfly Dragon
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First Print Available

Alright, so I’ve been fooling around on my DeviantArt account and i just figured out that I can actually sell my drawing as a print. I cannot, however, determine the price since I’m not a Core member, which basically means that the site set the price.

Glowing Tree with YC squarePersonally, I don’t think I would ever pay that much for a piece like that, but thought it’d be fun to try and see if anybody was interested. I think is very expensive and that the high price and drawing aren’t really proportional at all but like I said: I can’t do anything about the price unless I’m a Core member 🙂
– Guess that’s how it’s gotta be 🙂

It can be bought now at this link on DeviantArt 🙂

You can give it a thought but no one’s obligated to buy it or anything, just thought I’d try 🙂

  • This is so exciting! 😀

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Artwork and requests

I’m gonna try something new.
I’m going to do some requests once in a while to get some more activity here and make sure that I actually post something here since it has been almost two months with only one post.

I’m doing this to get some practice and to get some kind of communication going.
Other than that, I thought it’d be fun to make a little portfolio for what I do with my free time.
My work can be seen on DevinatArt and under My Artwork 🙂

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A Glow In The Dark

Got a new drawing for you guys 😝It can also be found at my DeviantArt ❤️
-Any fellow deviants out there please let me know 😃Glowing Tree with YC square

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