Law and Justice (and something random)

It’s been a while.
I’ve come across this line so many times and never really thought more about it, because it seems so natural for those two words to be associated and by some measure; the same.
Are those two really the same?
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Happy 1st December!

Happy 1st December!

The Christmas month has finally come and not one second too late!
Now it’s officially Christmas, which means we have to dig up those old embarrassing sweaters, cozy socks and hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows!

I’ve must admit, I’ve been into this whole Christmas thing since mid November and people think I’m crazy …
Well, I don’t think so and there is nothing better than the Christmas warm and fuzzy Christmas spirit!

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Greek Geek moment!

Greek Geek moment!

Alright, time for a little geeking out! 😍🤓
Today I went shopping with my mom and I was supposed to find some new clothes. Well, for us nerds, it’s not unlikely to come home withal merging like this instead 😏

I was in our local bookstore and I found all these great classics, Frankenstein, Grimms tales, the scarlet letter, and many others.

All the good stuff! ❤
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My little trip to the south (of Denmark)

This is what you do when your own horse is on summer vacation 😂
2016-07-16 10.03.48-1
This fine steed is a knight’s horse. His name is Rambuk and he works at a museum of the middle age.
He looks quite stunning, doesn’t he? 😍🦄
– Yes I know, no helmet-shame on me since he was really feisty but I knew I could handle it 😁🙌
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Shopping Spree!

Today I went shopping with my law school buddy.

We went to Roskilde City and Ro’s Torv, which is like a mall with boutiques, food and much much more.

My friend and I met at 11.30 at Roskilde station and started off our little trip at Ro’s Torv. The first thing she said to me was, “I went shopping yesterday too, so I can’t buy that much today. I don’t really want to spend more money” Well, that plan went straight out with the bathwater. She bought so much that I had to carry some of her things too. Continue reading

Life Update ;b

I’m from Denmark. Any of you who knows about Denmark and Copenhagen? Well, I go to law school at UCPH, the University of Copenhagen, and when you study law there’s not a lot of time for things like drawing, reading (your favorite books and not the law), or transport (I’ll get back to that later  -)

My life right now is basically about law school and the exams.
The first semester (½ year) i had three exams, which I luckily passed but now I’ve been dreading this semester’s exams (I’m at the end of my 2nd semester). I’ve got three exams, two of them I’ve already done but I haven’t gotten my grades yet.
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A follow-up 

I kind of forgot to share this with you guys the other day since I wasn’t really planing on sharing it in the first place but changed my mind so here it’s 😄

There will soon be another post. I believe it will come sometime next week after after my final exam ☺️❤️