There are many stories about the origins of this realm and the apocalypse that is to come. I wont tell them all. I will tell you one, however. The one I hoped never to witness.

In the beginning, there was only a void – The Vacuus Crater.

On either side, it was constrained by fire and ice. Where these two met, they combined and forged the first ocean. The two forces contact, that forged the dark parts of the ocean, forged a light spark too.

The spark was conflicted due to its double-edged nature. The conflict was so powerful that the spark created life. With the two opposing forces that formed and filled us, we left the ocean in pairs. We spread across the hostile lands of the new realm that had come to life.

Because of the opposing forces, the world was razed and unstable. It needed someone to help it keep the balance between the freezing darkness of ice and the burning light of fire. It needed guides to help support the fine line between balance and chaos.

Therefor we split our paths, dividing the work between us all, each with our own duty, to take care of different aspects of the world. Two guardians arose from each species – a light and a dark spirit. Not alone did we keep the balance in our own kinds but in the whole world. We did that by fulfilling our tasks, given in the beginning of time.

We took part in the circle of life, while leading eternal existences; we were born and dying thousands of times.

Together we built the new world, making it quite similar to the one we know today. Even though the distribution made it easier to guard the world

It also tore at the bonds between the spirit brothers and made it more fragile.

The delicate harmony is lost if the cycle is broken and the spirit cannot be reborn. Its kind will go extinct, which will bring about the slow death of its brother species.

Eons passed and with every century, more and more of the world came crumbling down. Our realm slowly broke and disintegrated.

Our realm became incomplete.

The apocalypse is coming.