This is all raw versions and haven’t been looked through. There might be errors and spelling mistakes along the way but it takes much longer than i thought to get these chapters done and I don’t always have the time to do things like spell-check. I hope you enjoyed it anyways. And more will come hopefully very soon.

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The Power of Ravuus

How would you react if you found out that somewhere among us existed a power greater than all?

Only those who have the power knows the truth about it.

That is, until Stephen Payne goes on an ordinary (well, almost) school trip to the library and is lost on the streets of Manhattan. Here he is approached by an old homeless guy with a warning and a rumor too interesting to ignore.

Together with his friend Claire he gathers the most unusual crew in order to accomplish this goal in what no one has never succeeded.

To find and expose this rumored power.

Will this group turn their backs on each other once they discover the danger that lies ahead or what kinds of enemies they will be facing if they take on this quest?

Will the gang reach their goal? Give up along the way? Or fail miserably?


The Power of Ravuus Prequel: The Exceptional Life of a Lab Rat

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